About the Trainers

In charge of the Center is the Yoga Instructor S K Jayakumar who started the Sai Paduka Yoga Centre in 2010 after having the privilege to reap the benefits of practicing yoga for the last 20 years. This soon turned into a passion for teaching and spreading Yoga & Mind management techniques guiding people and fostering community. 

Aged about 63 years, Jayakumar is ably assisted in all his activities by his wife Mahalakshmi Jayakumar an ex-staff of Bank of Baroda. She has completed a Certification Course in Reflexology (Acupressure). To their credit, the Yoga center has helped students to have a motivating and unforgettable experience about which they have shared their comments/feedback (These can be seen in Just Dial website, under Sai Paduka Yoga Center). They spread the word by rating Highly about the center and its activities on Just Dial and other forums

The Journey:

Mr. Jayakumar is a visually challenged person, Life Member of The National Association for the Blind, Bangalore and National Federation of the Blind, New Delhi and a recipient of appreciation letter from the former Governor of Karnataka Sri T N Chathurvedhi, for his inspiring activities.

Authorized by Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA), Bangalore, A Deemed Yoga University Recognized by Govt. of India and trained by the IHPAD on Personality Development, Jayakumar has now been teaching and sharing his knowledge for more than 10 years and trained over 3000 students from various work streams like Software Engineers, Doctorates, Charted Accountants, Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Fitness/Gym Instructors, Teachers, Housewives and Students. This includes employees of top IT MNCs and other companies like Intel, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture, HP, IBM, Cap Gemini, JP Morgan, Quintiles, AL, HULH etc. The students come from various parts of India are in the age group 20 to 55 years and these include a few VPs, Directors, Senior Managers, Visiting US IT faculties, young German NGO workers. He has also conducted a 3 day Basic yoga training program for the employees of the software company Real Soft, Bangalore.

Jayakumar’s main objective is to guide his students in improving & maintaining their physical health at the best possible condition and empowering their mind. The techniques applied in the yoga center are a combination of methods and concepts followed and developed by SVYASA-Bangalore, RSVK-Bangalore, Human potential development techniques, Alpha Mind-power applications, Reflexology techniques, Principle and benefits of Spiritual Science and others. Additionally, significant emphasis is given on Food & Nutrition as per the guidelines of National Institute of Nutrition.

Jayakumar also conducts basic & advanced Spiritual Science discussions for Emotional Maturity and Peace of Mind about which the details can be viewed on the website saipaduka.org. Jayakumar is the author of the Book ‘Own Your Self & Enjoy Completeness, a comprehensive manual on Self Knowledge and 25% of the sales proceeds of the book goes to ‘AIMS’ (All India Movement for Seva) a Social Service Program.

Jayakumar has designed a total personality development Course called the Healthy Body & Mind Program which is a Unique Integrated Module developed for making the Best use of our Highly Sophisticated ‘Body – Mind Complex’, the Nature’s Glorious Gift to us. This Value-addition Oriented Program is designed through minimizing the Physical Problems and Psychological Barriers and then Optimizing its efficacy by bringing self-discipline and making use of body’s own Resources. This would lead to a Total Transformation in our Personality and Guide us to achieve the Goal of Human Life.

The program consists of

  • More than 100 Yoga asanas / Physio postures.
  • About 20 Pranayamas (Controlled Breathing Techniques)
  • More than 100 Prathyaharas (Highly Potent Knowledge Capsules) classified into 5 Categories (Introduction, General,
  • Improvement Seekers, Achievers, People facing Severe Problems and Happiness Seekers)
  • Meditation and Guided Relaxations
  • Alpha Mind Power Applications (Emotional / Self-Healing, Positive Affirmations, Day Beginning & Ending Techniques)
  • Reflexology (Acupressure), Mudras (Finger Positions or Triggers that give benefits)
  • Herbal Health awareness and Products – Well Established and Proven Herbal Food Supplements
  • Basic & Advanced Spiritual Science that explores the most Precious Inner Happiness

The program includes,

  • To improve the Physical Health and help to maintain at the best possible Condition
  • Aimed at Weight and Tummy Reduction, Cure Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus and allergic Breathing problems, Relieve Joint Pains,
  • Stiffness and Tension Headache, Relief from Back and Neck pain due to wrong postures, Supplement for Treating Thyroid, IBS,
  • PCOD & Gastric / Digestive &  Menstrual  Problems   
  • Increase Flexibility, Immunity, Physical Stamina, Concentration and Memory  
  • Prepare the Body Mind Complex to assimilate Mind Management Techniques
  • To cleanse the mind from negative thoughts, hurt and guilt, minimize doubts & apprehensions, reduce bothering thoughts, remove
  • shyness and inferiority Complex
  • Manage stress (Stress Handling, Prevention Methods & Perspective change of Stress), Anger and Ego Management
  • Bring Emotional Balance, Improve Thought Co-ordination, Decision Making and Convincing Skills, Improve Objective, Logical and Creative Thinking
  • Strengthen the will-power of the Mind and Increase Tolerance, Maturity, Psychological Immunity to Fear, Anxiety, Insecurity and Negative thoughts
  • Help Attitude / Nature Change, Improve Positive Approach, Career Development, Increase Inner Happiness thereby Improving Work Quality and make your work effortless
  • Guide you to find High Satisfaction, Peace & Security within oneself while Managing Efficiently all the aspects of Life

Prior to starting the yoga center (2003-2009), Jayakumar Voluntarily retired from HLL in 2003 due to the loss of eye sight at the age 47

  • Learnt yoga and Health Improving Techniques from SVYASA, RSVK, IHPAD, Bangalore; Alpha Mind Power Institute, Chennai.
  • Completed a certificate course in Reflexology
  • Learnt basic Computer Operation with Speech Software at the National Association for the Blind, Bangalore
  • Completed Advanced Spiritual Studies as a distant student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
  • Started ECODS (End Consumer Oriented Distribution System) supporting the National Association for the Blind for about 6 years
  • Conducted more than 100 displays and participated in reputed fairs like ‘Flower Show’, ‘Nisargotsava’ etc.
  • Started Marketing Herbal Health Care Products (Still continues)

The activities were covered by all leading print media through Life Stories, Articles, Reports/Interviews, TV coverage/Documentary on ECODS and Received appreciation letter from ex- Governor of Karnataka for ECODS initiative

A Chemistry Graduate with Post Graduation in Packaging Technology (UK) through correspondence, worked with Brooke Bond India Limited and HLL (presently Hindustan Unilever) from1976 to 2002 in the Corporate Quality Assurance Dept., Quality Control (Statutory Requirements) Labs and Central Packaging Development Dept.

Jayakumar was recognized for his creativity as he went on to

  • Invent Milk Preservation (without Refrigerator) using Pressure Cooker – published in National Research Development Council Magazine
  • Designed, Produced and Personally Marketed ‘Sterri-pot’, a domestic milk preserving kettle
  • Develop many new Lab Techniques and cooling concept for water filter – Published in the NRDC magazine
  • Develop Instant Tea with Milk and Sugar and submitted to R&D in the erstwhile Brooke Bond India Ltd
  • Develop various Innovative Quality Improvement Techniques and Concepts in addition to routine job at Brooke Bond India
  • Develop IQ Plus 2000 in the year 2000, a ‘Knowledge Game’ – marketed personally
  • Develop TPM ‘Model Office’ at the corporate office, Bangalore, HLL
  • Develop new teaching methods of Yoga by using audio and video aids after losing eyesight


  • Received the Shiksha Barati Award For outstanding achievement in Education and Social Service at the 43rd Indian Achievers’ Seminar in New Delhi on   10-Aug-2017

Jayakumar finds Creativity with insight, a spontaneous trigger within him for developing, adopting and conceptualizing new ’Prathyaharas’, the Powerful Thoughts that help in many ways to his students.

Jayakumar feels that Creativity is an indispensable pre-requisite for Success, he found Creativity as an excellent inner Instrument to overcome severe Problems and Difficulties. Further, by imbibing Creativity in daily routine, one can make Life Exciting even if there is nothing to achieve or do not have any problems to solve.

Yoga center is the Life’s Service Center.