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Readers may please refer to ‘Introduction to Yoga’ (on the home page) since those benefits mentioned there, are not repeated here.


The three main PRINCIPLES of various BENEFITS of Pranayamas taught at the Center :

  1. The above set of Pranayamas correctly and regularly done, regulates and Balances the Abdominal, Thoracic and Apical  breathing  as per the bodies requirement throughout the day.
  2. This breathing technique after few weeks of practicing increases the capacity of lungs thereby improves oxygen assimilation in our system.
  3. Few months of regular practice tones up the flow of Prana Shakthi in the ‘naadis’ or meridians of our body.

Regulation of the body’s breathing system miraculously cures chronic Allergic Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma and allied problems within a short period of practicing. Gives great reliefs from ‘Bangalore Allergy’, Sinus troubles etc.

Also, there are multifold benefits originate from each of the above mentioned three principles. Precisely, the two well formulated sets of Pranayamas taught and regularly practiced at the center Cleanse the vital organs of the body, Strengthen the Lungs, Rejuvenate and Energize the entire body. Since these Pranayamas tone up the meridians, a lot of Psychological benefits such as Lightness of body and mind, Clarity of thinking, Better thought co-ordination etc.  are also obtained as long term benefits.


In this very creation or universe we are just a small  spec. Every one of us are in search of Good Health, Peace, Knowledge, Harmony and a Happy and Blissful Life at all given times and situations. Each of us consciously or sub-consciously strive for it. Will this state can really be achieved ? Yes, it can be achieved only by understanding, Tapping and assimilating  the Cosmic Energy and claiming or owning up  the ‘True Self’ or ‘Pure Awareness’ through Self Knowledge !

Cosmic energy exists everywhere in the cosmos. It sustains Galaxies, Planets, Living & Non-living beings. It is the bond that keeps the whole cosmos in order. This cosmic energy is the Life Force Energy and is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our mind. It is the base of all our voluntary actions and involuntary functions.

We seek this Cosmic Energy in ‘Deep Sleep’ and in ‘Total Silence’ and we use it up  during all our activities of Mind and Body. In the present scenario of hectic  and competitive life style,  hardly  a few  people   enjoys regular and sufficient deep sleep and  remaining in ‘Total Silence’ consciously, even for a few minutes is practically a ‘Rabit Horn for those who are not in regular touch with ‘Yoga Practices’ or similar activities.    It is for this reason, we often find ourselves ‘Mentally Drained out’ or  Physically exhausted at the end of the daily chores of routine life. Further, the already insufficiently tapped ‘Life force  energy’ is depilated by   Minor sicknesses, Stretched Physical / mental strains, Cumulative Stress,  psychological fear, Unconscious Anxiety etc. Because, thoughts are the stumbling blocks of the flow of Cosmic Energy and they prevents its inflow to the  body. .   Obviously, the source energy continuously remain in deficit and most of us are not in our real and possible working    potential.

The only way to overcome is to get more and more Cosmic Energy and we can get it in abundance through Meditation. Also, While relaxing oneself,  meditation helps the ‘self’ or ego to transcend itself beyond ones Mind (Emotions), Specific Awareness (Memories) and   Intellect. Thus, regular Meditations prevents overlap of these four fundamental functions of our Inner Faculty or ‘Anthakarana’ and enhances its Power.      This is the key factor that improves ones Personal Life and  Professional Life.  Further, Meditation helps to make the mind introvert and balances its  extrovertedness which is the basic requirement of one’s Spiritual up-liftment also.


While it is somewhat possible to genaralise the benefits of Pranayama and Meditations, it is not proper to do the same in the case of ‘Asanas’ or ‘Body Postures’ and their sequences. Hence, the proven benefits of ‘Surya Namaskara’ consisting 12 body postures, which are  practiced almost daily,  are discussed  here. Also, benefits of other ‘Asanas’ that are taught during the course are also given below. For detail information about  all ‘Asanas’ and their benefits, the student shall make use of the ‘Calendar Charts’ available at the Center or the 20 VCDs enlisted under ‘RESOURCES’ of this website.


  1. SHASHANKASANA : All Koshas, Bhandas Chakras get toned up.
  2. USHTRASANA : Makes the back strong ; Increases the capacity of the lungs and diaphragm and abdominal muscles ; Good for thyroid and parathyroid glands ; Good for milk secretion after delivery ; Makes all the joints flexible.
  3. Tadasana : Concentration improves ; gives strength to the vertebral column.All the muscles get stimulated and strengthened ; Equilibrium improves and good for functions of the brain.
  4. ARDHA KATI CHAKRASANA :Ribs and chest muscles become stronger ; Thigh, abdomen and shoulder muscles and joints become flexible ; Good asana to have healthy mind and body ;Reduces fat.


Reported Benefits

Surya Namaskar has many advantages in one shot. In fact, each of the 12 postures of Surya Namaskar renders the body suppleness and strength coupled with mental peace. Moreover, you may also be cure from many ailments by performing the well co-ordinated movements of Surya Namaskar. You’re breathing clears, concentration power increases and your entire physiology gets invigorated. You gain confidence and also develop a reverence for the Almighty! THE OTHER ADVANTAGES

The Surya Namaskar exercises are ideal warm-up and conditioning exercises for the entire body and the mind. They prepare you to encounter the challenges of the day in particular and of the life in general, on regular practicing.

The Surya Namaskar postures remove the psychosomatic tensions and help in calming down the mind.

The endocrine system is harmonized.

The heart and the lungs get energized due to controlled breathing.

The nerve points as well as the nervous system improve.

The spine gets stretched. It becomes supple. Spinal area pains and aches are relieved.

Spinal curve disorders and deviations get corrected.

Surya Namaskar stimulates the peristalsis and thereby helps in regulating bowel functioning.

Surya Namaskar movements tone up the organs and limbs. The limbs become symmetrical while the internal vital organs become more functional.

The entire muscle system becomes stronger. That includes the muscles of the eyes, neck, shoulders, arms, hips and the legs.

You can control ailments like sciatica (nervous disorder related to waist), diabetes, blood pressure, mental tension, backache and indigestion among others.

The abdominal exercises relieve the abdominal viscera (inner organs) via the stretching and contracting movements of the abdominal area. The massages prove to be beneficial for the abdominal muscles as well.

Surya Namaskar exercises are best for reducing abdominal flab (loosely hanging). The fat in other parts of the body like the thighs and the waist also gets reduced.

The wrist joints in particular as well as the other joints get loosened. Mentionably, as you change the Surya Namaskar postures from 3 to 10; your body weight is supported mainly by the wrist joints. This makes them stronger as well.

Blood circulation improves to all the organs and parts of the body.

Yoga center is the Life’s Service Center.