Marathahalli, Bangalore

Personal discussion strictly with prior appointment.


Daily Classes (Monday to Friday): 1 hour  Yoga Techniques + 5mts Break for Enjoying Delicious Herbal Food Supplements +Meditation / Relaxation / Special Techniques for 15mts to 25mts.  Class starting timings : 6 AM , 7AM &   6.30 PM.

FEE STRUCTURE : (Please call before visiting the yoga center.

Registration : Rs. 100

This includes

  • Registration of the student in our permanent role and incorporating the essential details in our center’s database.
  • Personal discussion and Techniques for any specific issues.
  • Height, Weight Measurements & Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Basics of Yoga and understanding on Common Yoga practices.
  • Soft copy of the Book ‘Essential Yoga Practices’ in a pendrive or through e-mail.
  • Four Colourful Pocket Booklets for making use during the course,‘Healthy Body & Mind programme’ Mind Management Techniques:1. Guidance for Growth & Improvement, 2. Success Stimulators & Achiever’s Guide, 3. Source of Solutions for any problem, 4. Enhance your Happiness & Enrich your life. These contains 155 ‘Thought provoking Ideas that act as high Potent Mental Tonics and Psychological Vaccines on each and every student of our center.


After the Registration, personal discussion etc.,  the student has to pay (through bank transfer or by cash on or before the joining day) the first month fee of Rs. 1500/- Then the student is adviced to attend the ‘Essential Yoga Practices’ class on the Sunday preferably before joining the group of our students in the daily regular yoga classes. 

Fee for the 2nd & 3rd months : Rs 1200/- per month.

Fee after 3 months : Rs. 1000/- per month for practicing.

It is observed that a period of 3 months is necessary to learn thoroughly  all the techniques and also  to start getting the benefits of yoga. Noticeable improvement in his / her Health Condition, Professional as well as Personal life will be experienced. Fees for 3 months (if paid at the time of enrolments) : Rs. 3500/- This includes the registration and all the items, classes  and facilities for 3 months.  (pl contact the teacher for bank transfer for payment of the fee). 

Herbal Health Drink – Optional [Pure Juice of Amla/Vilva(Bael)/Viveha(Bhrammi)/Aswa(Ashwagandha)/Ushba(Nannari)]

Saturday / Sunday Mind Management ‘
techniques and Spiritual Science Class 10:30 to 12noon  :

Materials for Spiritual Science: Rs. 600/-

Details: Manual on ‘Spiritual Science’ (300+ Pages A4 size hard bound book)’

“Own yourself and enjoy completeness”- Guides to increase you inner happiness thereby helping you to efficiently manage your professional and personal life – Please see Synopsis of the Manual in our website.

NOTE: A PORTION OF this amount IS PASSED ON TO THE ALL INDIA MOVEMENT FOR SEVA (AIMS),  a well-recognized nationwide Social Service Movement for the welfare and up-liftment of the under-privileged.


Weekend classes(3 hours /weekend): Rs 1200/ 12 hours in a month +Text and Audio guide materials.


After enrollment, students are mailed the soft copy of ‘Essential Yoga Practices that contains the particulars of theory, benefits, Daily Pre-Requisites for Yoga Practices, Daily Schedules,  Diet charts etc.

Join Sai Paduka Yoga Center, attend our Daily Yoga Sessions, Begin Your Day with Vigor. Enthusiasm & Welcome Everyday in your Life. Daily Spend about 1 hour Exclusively for Yourself in Sai Paduka Yoga Center, see yourself New Experience and See Change in Your Life ! i.e., More Productive Time at Your Office, More Meaningful Time for your Personal Jobs & Your Entertainment + Extra 1 hour for Your Future Progress Plans!! How?

 It is because of our Unique Daily Physical & Mental Health Building Programme (See the Amazing Benefits of our Students, Reported in the fully authentic ‘justdial’ Website) under ‘Saipaduka Yoga Center’. Some space in this site is exclusively available only to the respective student with their password for posting their Reviews. Company and personal Details of the students who have given reviews are available in our website (under ‘Students Feedback section).

Every Session Starts with 5 Minutes. Reflexology Techniques that Energize your Body & Mind, then the Daily Essential Yoga Practices followed by the ‘Weekly Schedule Programme’ of the Day (* see below) and ends with Meditation / Relaxation + the optional Herbal Health Care Break after the 1 hr Yoga session.

We have designed a total personality development Course called the Healthy Body & Mind Program which is a Unique Integrated Module developed for making the Best use of our Highly Sophisticated ‘Body – Mind Complex’, the Nature’s Glorious Gift to us. This Value-addition Oriented Program is designed through minimizing the Physical Problems and Psychological Barriers and then Optimizing its efficacy by bringing self-discipline and making use of body’s own Resources. This would lead to a Total Transformation in the Personality and Guide the students to achieve the Goal of Human Life.


The program consists of

  • More than 100 Yoga asana (Physio postures)
  • About 20 Pranayamas (Controlled Breathing Techniques)
  • More than 100 Prathyaharas (Highly Potent Knowledge Capsules) classified into 5 Categories (Introduction, General, Improvement Seekers, Achievers, People facing Severe Problems and for Emotional Maturity that maintains Inner Happiness that makes your Work Effortless & of High Quality leading to your Career Development)
  • Meditation and Guided Relaxations
  • Alpha Mind Power Applications (Emotional / Self-Healing, Positive Affirmations, Day Beginning & Ending Techniques)
  • Reflexology (Acupressure), Mudras (Finger Positions or Triggers that give benefits)
  • Herbal Health awareness and Products – Well Established and Proven Herbal Food Supplements
  • Basic & Advanced Spiritual Science that explores the most Precious Inner Happiness


Herbal Food Supplements :  Having Personally Experienced by our Family for more than 15 Years and after coming to know the Benefits Reported by our Yoga Students for the past few years , We Introduce an Optional Herbal Health Care sub-session in our Daily Schedule. Spend a few minutes after your daily yoga session in our ‘Herbal Healthcare’ Section.

 Delicious Pure Herbal Health Drinks (Completely free from Chemicals & Artificial Ingredients), made available for our Students are :

  1. Hot or Cold Amla or Gooseberry Juice to Improve Immunity,       General Good Health, Arrest Hair fall & Premature Graying
  2. Warm or Cold Bale or Vilva Juice for Gastritis, Acidity&   Digestive Disorders.
  3. Viveha or Bhrammi juice for Stress / Anxiety Reduction, Improve Concentration, Memory, Sleep etc.
  4. Ashwaganda or Wittannia Juice for Increased Vigor and Physical Energy / Stamina.
  1. Ushba, Sarasaperilla juice, also containing  Lotus, Hibiscus  Blood Purifier and cools the body, Good for Heart, Kidney, Skin Problems and anti-cholesterol.
  2. Aloe vera Juice for Intestinal Cleansing & Improving Immunity
    1. Arog – Herbal Tea that relieves Stress and good for high BP. 
    2. Nivar – Bhrammi Herbal Tea for Stress Relief, Concentration, Memory.
    3. Moolcafe – Herbal Coffee for relief from Constipation, Heart Palpitation, Sleep Disorders.
    4. Herbal Malt (with ‘Akshyakalpa’ farm Cow milk) Containing Highly Nutritious Sprouted Grains, 4 Precious Herbs for everyone and also Diabetics.




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