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Marathahalli, Bangalore.


Giving necessary training on ‘Essential Yoga Practices’ to the students and motivating them to put the learned techniques in their daily routine is one of the main functions of the Center.

It is for those who are in and around the area in which the center is located.  All other details on ‘Yoga Practices’ are available in the respective ‘Links’ from this page.

Also, the center is equipped with about 5000 hours of audio lessons on ‘Vedantic Subjects’ as a part of Basic and Advanced Spiritual Studies. A ‘Comprehensive Guidance Manual’ on the subject of ‘Spiritual Studies’ is available at the Center as a ‘Ready Reckoner’. To make this facility available to the highly interested people anywhere in India and abroad, efforts are being made and as a part of this effort, we provide another ‘Link’ from this page leading to the ‘Synopsis’ of the manual on Self Knowledge’ titled as ‘Own Your Self and Enjoy Completeness’.

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In our Yoga center at Bangalore, Mind Management Techniques (MMT) is a unique feature  of our  ‘Comprehensive Health Educational Curriculum’, a wholesome  module of the ‘Ashtanga yoga’ based ‘Healthy Body & Mind Programme’, reinforced with the fundamental principles of      the Indian traditional ‘Spiritual Science’. Psychological benefits reported by hundreds of students in the authentic websites like ‘’ under Saipaduka Yoga Center’)  stand proof to the efficacy of MMT.

Moulding, grooming and  educating the mind has to be started from the teenage onwards and it is a long term process even for the short term need of  managing it rightly at any unexpected situation  in life. In each and every relationship and contacts, the closeness develops between people, involves the inner personality only. Therefore, the all  important mind has to be properly guided by your informed intellect. Further, it is an ironical but an accepted fact that while there are more than fifty  specialists in the medical science alone to take care of  the body and its parts, it is regrettable that there is only 1 branch  namely psychiatry in the medical science and a psychology in the entire non-medical subjects just to deal with the more precious mind. In this scenario, it is  your own responsibility to take care of your mind by yourself well in time Through all available alternate methods. For strengthening, improving and maintaining the mind proactive   in any given situation in the worldly transactions, and also to prepare it for the most precious spiritual pursuit, an earnest effort is to be made and for that, guidance  is available in the four MMT series booklets, each containing high potent ‘Time Tested Thought Capsules’ of various proven ideas, and human values grouped into four topics, namely,

  1. Guidance for Growth & Improvement (basics of MMT) 
  2. Success Stimulators & Achievers’ Guide
  3. Source of Solutions to any Problem
  4. Enhance Happiness& Enrich Your Life.

These are like mental tonics and psychological vaccine, compiled from the views of great people, essence from our ancient Indian wisdom and also ideas practiced by me after I lost my eyesight then shared with my students and found very useful & effective by them. These points  are condensed and presented in these booklets with an intend to reach the mind boggling benefits experienced and enjoyed by me, to the larger society.

These four booklets are released  in the occasion of the 43rd seminar of the Indian Achievers’ Forum, New Delhi on 10th August, 2017 wherein I  was conferred “Shiksha Bharati Award” in the field of education and social service.

This set of MMT booklets is an excellent source & support for self up-liftment and also an ideal gift to someone close to you who wants to improve and live in the best possible manner. Total cost of these four pocket booklets (size : 3.5 x 4.5 inches, each consisting about 30 to 35 pages) is Rs. 100 + sending charges.

Sending Charges are  as follows. Interested people can discuss with me over phone or mail me their postal address. and then transfer the amount by on-line transfer or send a cheque.

Charges for sending the booklets by Speed Post :

Within the city of Bangalore : Rs. 29/- (for 1 or 2 sets of four booklets each)

For any other place in India : Rs. 71/- (for 1 or 2 sets of four booklets each)

By DTDC courier (for 1 or 2 sets of 4 booklets each) :

Within the city : Rs. 50/-

Chennai & Other major cities in south India : Rs. 105/-

Major Cities in north India : Rs. 125/-


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