1 GENERAL Elimination of emotional interference in day to day affairs Always useful at Home, Office & society
2 No more superimposition over any issue Prevents worsening of any issue at any place, retains clarity of mind to tackle them
3 Food & living restrictions become natural Effortless inclination towards good things in life.
4 Better all round performance because mind & intellect are available only whenever needed A best performance tool at work,  & career
5 Neither troubling nor troubled You will not create any trouble to other beings   consciously.  Also ‘YOU’ cannot be troubled by others, psychologically
6 Taking   interest in things without getting entangled or involved Capacity to handle more jobs at a time
7 Natural co-ordination of Thoughts, Words & Deeds Natural straight forwardness necessary for self knowledge pursuit
8 No much difference either alone or amongst many No necessity for company, No aversion to people also, comfortable in family & society
9 No more sense of loneliness Psychological independence & Absolute fearlessness
10 Secular feeling No aversion to any cast, or creed, no superstitious religious practices.  No discomfort at any clean place
11 Reduction in talking Substantial time & Energy saving because,   No speaking if the listener is uninterested. More productive time available at work
12 Natural aversion to restricted foods Highly advantageous to have maximum benefits from yoga practices.  No more temptations

13 PERSONAL More harmonious relationships Peaceful atmosphere to you & others at your place- Office & Home
14 Decrease in misunderstandings No room for ‘uncalled’ hurts, a sense of easiness at work, Home & society
15 Optimum use of BMI Capacity to handle more jobs at a time without stress – career development
16 Better inter personal relationship An advantage with sub-ordinates & superiors  – career development
17 Not being sentimental Not getting hurt easily, an advantage to proceed in life – work & home
18 Not criticizing others.  taking others criticisms positively More friends, better scope for good developments in life
19 Substantial reduction in partiality less chance for others to point their fingers
20 Practically compassionate Optimum balanced emotional state, not venturing to help some one out of the way and getting into trouble
21 No development of hatred and removal of already developed hatred towards any one More sociable and getting back old friendship & relationships
22 No tendency to prove ‘ I am correct’ & in arguments Smooth discussions & conversations not getting into arguments. More productive.
23 No more stress on planning Less disappointments, a sense of flexibility in taking the results and proceeding in the life
24 Though dutiful towards family members, No more anxiety over them Elimination of all ill effects of anxiety, such as effective management of situations
25 More happiness from giving to others than getting from them A great self satisfaction, important for spiritual progress
26 Easily get adjusted with persons & surroundings unless extremes Flexibility to situations, helpful for self, personal and career developments
27 PERSONAL Equality in relationship in society Elimination of oppositions
28 No keenness on discussion of worldly matters Helpful for spiritual progress

29 Though not vibrant or highly social, liked by others An indication of spiritual progress
30 Capacity to inspire others with ‘nothing’ An indication of spiritual progress
31 No more eagerness to talk to others or a feeling that others should talk to me, even over phone An indication of spiritual progress
32 High sense of psychological security An indication of spiritual progress
33 Alert full & calculative in tolerating & adjusting with people & situations. Prevents people to take advantage of one’s own goodness.  Useful for being pro-active in normal & critical circumstances
34 Sense of cheerfulness, that is contagious An indication of spiritual progress, people like such a person’s company
35 No more curiosity of others talk An indication of spiritual progress
36 PHYSICAL Increase in body’s immunity function No more, often occurring nuisance sickness that troubles all round
37 Toning up of body’s auto relief functioning system Automatic relief on some common ailments
38 Matured attitude towards luxuries or comforts in any form Enjoying’ them nicely (as God’s gifts) when available and not even feeling the absence of same when they are not there.  Also, happily accept or share them when they come and never disrespect reject or throw them
39 General inner feeling of wellbeing, even with incurable disorders an indication of spiritual progress
40 Better care to body without being obsessed with an indication of spiritual progress
41 No repetition or unnecessary propaganda of physical problems. Practical approach to any health related problems Best attitude for health related problem of self & family
42 Not getting involved in non-logical remedies No risk of further loosing health and money too

43 PSYCHOLOGICAL Mind  not influenced by physical ailments Practical approach to routine & life
44 Development of a challenging & practical personality.  Not getting afraid of what is not to be afraid of Sensible and rational way of taking things and situations help progress in life
45 No more psychological dependency an indication of spiritual progress
46 Easy acceptance of incurable disorders or sickness high sense of maturity, extremely beneficial to oneself and family in old age & connected  sickness
47 Increase in tolerating physical pains A continuous sense of lightness of mind
48 Drastic reduction in the stretched conditions of the mind At the successful state of this pursuit,  ONLY at THE  action, the mind is activated and along with the ACTION, MIND   ALWAYS REMAINS IN THE present.  And thus, it is neither pulled by the past nor stretched to the future, hence no mental stress.
49 No more addition of values to the problems and increasing its strength! What next ?’ attitude even in worst situations
50 No ‘Hurts’ and ‘Guilt’s’ A continuous sense of lightness of mind
51 In the practical sense, mind doesn’t control  you Mind becomes an excellent powerful tool for you
52 Easy objectification of emotional fluctuations                                                                 in the mind Very helpful in situations like provoking, shocking, exciting etc. and useful to combat anger,  &  other emotions
53 Easy to be pro-active, rather than reactive or inactive More productive rather than ending up with adverse results
54 Increase in tolerance to criticisms Calmness of mind   in hot discussions & arguments Helpful to take the criticisms positively

55 PSYCHOLOGICAL disrespect or insult do not wound you An indication of spiritual progress
56 increase in tolerance to physical discomforts Very helpful to maintain a calm mind in incurable physical disorders
57 Highly toned up ‘Inner faculty’ Essential for career development and  Very useful at home also
58 Reduction in F I R of emotional disturbances Reduction in the  Frequency, Intensity of any emotional upsets & recovery time from   that.  Indication of spiritual progress
59 Increase in presence of mind Better reflex physical &  mental responses
60 No more mutual overlapping of emotion & Intellect Essential for career development and  Very useful at home also
61 Simplicity, Self sufficiency  and elimination of inferiority complex Wider comfort zone.  Useful for spinsters, bachelors & divorcees as well as   for physically afflicted persons.  Uplifts and maintains the mind-set at par with others / normal people in the society
62 Better connectivity between Intellect & memory Essential and Most powerful tool for career development
63 Decrease in irritability Continuous balance of mind, helpful to control BP
64 Decrease in instinct actions Very helpful to avoid adverse actions repent able later
65 Substantial decrease in using harsh words Good atmosphere at home & office
66 No more temptations Very helpful in diet restrictions and useful to maintain good physical health
67 No more boredom & Need nothing to pass time Avoids expenses, strain, energy  still cheerful
68 Nothing is indispensable No need to surrender to any one other than God – attitude
69 No more emotional attachments to any possessions Practical  & only functional values, no sentimental values to anything
70 Getting prompted before anger comes Best tool to avoid anger and a base to convert anger into constructive actions

71 Substantial reduction of anxiety No nervousness and related problems, correct approach even in critical circumstances
72 No more worry about tomorrow An indication of spiritual progress
73 Absence of Desires Absolute psychological absence of any desires including knowing or learning something, in the ‘positive sense’
74 No more disappointments Absence of the seed of frustrations & depression as successive and continuous disappointments could end up in these vulnerable conditions
75 No more situations of helplessness Fear born out of anticipation of helplessness & in its absence, one enjoys absolute freedom from fear
76 No more retrospection No more brooding over the past.  Highly conducive mind-set for normalcy at home and at work
77 Doing the best, leave the rest, attitude A very positive and progressive mind-set while remaining stress free.  Useful & practical for spiritual goals even in the present scenario particularly for career-oriented youngsters (‘karma yoga’ attitude)
78 No ‘ Why this to me’ ; What next’ attitude Very useful point to remember in crossing consecutive adverse situations in life
79 High level of maturity General maturity grows very fast with this pursuit and beneficiary oneself and every one closer to him
80 It is an excellent vaccine                                                                       for the mind It will give lifelong ‘psychological’ immunity against all financial& personal, mis-happenings.  It is an effective mental shield for the dreaded and never-dreamt situations and is a powerful mental shock absorber!
81 It is a state of ‘Open Eye Meditation’  or 24 hrs ‘Alertful sleep’ You’ will have a ‘Meditative Mind’ in your default and could ‘experience or enjoy’ your Self through that, it is only ‘Atma- Rathi’.  Or ‘Atmananda’.  Also, it would be prompting you about your real Self before and after every worldly transaction!

82 Removal of all psychological misconceptions Absence of notions such as at our higher level, we will know about future, read other’s mind, will enjoy ‘Gyana Dhrishti’ etc.
83 RELIGIOUS Religious & visit temples but not obsessed with them An indication of Religious Maturity & Spiritual progress
84 Unshakable devotion to God An indication of spiritual progress
85 Respect to our scriptures, Teachers  & tradition An indication of spiritual progress
86 Following possible assigned religious practices An indication of spiritual progress
87 Non-transactional & Unconditional devotion to God An indication of spiritual progress
88 one’s Relationship with God is like ‘Baby – Mother’ An indication of spiritual progress
89 Good and practically optimum involvement in pujas and devotional activities after understanding non duality An indication of spiritual progress
90 SPIRITUAL No more Complexes, Individuality, Strong Ego etc. Not bothered by these inherent erosions and not  victimized                                                                                                                                                                                              by them
91 No more insecurity While living objectively in the transactional world, one is permanently freed from all types of insecurities   such as Physical, Personal, Financial,  Psychological etc.
92 No more fear of death Having understood that ‘Self’ is eternal, total elimination of the fear of death.  Further, no more situations of irrecoverable losses.  A clear indication of spiritual progress
93 Refined I notion High refinement of ‘I’ and ‘my’ notions and they remain in the sublimed state.  An indication of spiritual progress
94 Unequal freeness of mind An indication of spiritual progress
95 A sense of ’emptiness’ or extreme lightness of mind An indication of spiritual progress

96 Mind become active only at will An indication of spiritual progress
97 “Actionlessness” amidst activities An indication of spiritual progress
98 Clear understanding of the ‘principle of God’ An indication of spiritual progress
99 Absence of all spiritual misconceptions such as ‘All pervading’, ‘All knowingness etc. An indication of spiritual progress
100 even amongst empirical adversities, ‘Only if I have any problems, should I think of solution’ – attitude An indication of spiritual progress
101 The highest freedom from body related anxieties after ‘writing-off’ the body to ‘God’ An indication of spiritual progress
102 At high level of knowledge, there is a substantial decrease in sleep duration This happens without any adverse effects. An indication of spiritual progress
103 The highest degree of contentment An indication of spiritual progress
104 No more feeling that ‘I should be useful to others’ or ‘I am a burden to others’ An indication of spiritual progress
105 No more eagerness in getting importance, Respects, fame & honor An indication of spiritual progress
106 No more fear of sickness & old age An indication of spiritual progress
107 No more feeling of being  indebted to others An indication of spiritual progress
108 Enjoying silence An indication of spiritual progress
109 enlighten or Sublimed  I notion An indication of spiritual progress
110 No more doer ship & no more enjoyer ship A strong inner conviction that ‘I am not doing anything, Nothing is happening to me’
111 No craving for any new thing including knowledge An indication of spiritual progress

112 No more jealously, rather feeling happy over others prosperity or better performance An indication of spiritual progress
113 Attracted towards simplicity An indication of spiritual progress
114 Restful alertness An indication of spiritual progress
115 High sense of freedom An indication of spiritual progress
116 High state of fearlessness An indication of spiritual progress
117 Waking state becomes like alert full or conscious sleep An indication of spiritual progress
118 High sense of empathy An indication of spiritual progress
119 Tranquility and equality of mind An indication of spiritual progress
120 Increased sense of sharing Mind will not be very calculative though careful.  No pre-notion of any returns or ‘name’ for every contribution.  No feeling of loosing when sharing and a sense of satisfaction in sharing develops
121 All your afflictions become least bothering As you become least body-conscious, the afflictions are unnoticed
122 You become free from the proprietorship of your actions and hence, ‘Doership’ Since you understand that, in your mere presence, the BMI  employs the ‘Action  Power’ the things are happening, being spontaneous, they are ‘Dharmik’.
123 You are free from ‘Enjoyership’ still, You don’t miss anything that is legitimate. Since you understand that in your mere presence, the BMI  employs the ‘Desire Power’ and in turn, they are entertained
124 Thus, you ‘Realise’  and escape the cycle of ‘Birth & Death’ It is the ‘Fulfillment’ and the purpose of human birth

Our beliefs in our Previous births, our actions of those births causing their results in this birth etc. are mainly based on our Scriptures.  Also, our perpetuation in the cycle of struggle of the birth and death has their basis only in the Scriptures.  The same scriptures assure that a person who gains the Self-knowledge burns out or washes away all his or her karmas (of all previous births as well as the present birth).  This cannot be disproved by science (all karmas i.e. actions in the form of subtle energy, resolve into the substance of ‘higher reality’ than the karmas, the Consciousness (energy as a concept is obviously dependent on Consciousness), thereby not violating the ‘Law of conservation of Mass & Energy) or logic.  (Self-knowledge makes all the “sanchitakarmas invalid, “prarabdha” karmas, unnoticeable and “aagaami’ karmas, unaccountable!) The scriptures also promise that he or she WILL NOT HAVE RE-BIRTH.  Therefore, in addition to enjoying all the above mentioned benefits while living for the period after he gains the knowledge till the body ‘falls’, he escapes out from the vicious whirlpool of “samsara”‘ cycle of birth & death and the struggle therein.

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